Sunday, 2 May 2010

I've been away too long!

Well, Our trip to France was a great success and we had lots of fun at my mum's house! Vincent met all of her friends over there for the first time and had lots of cuddles, what a lucky boy ;)

A few photos from our trip...

(Trust me, Vince is much more photogenic than the rest of us!!!)

And so now on to the task of getting my Etsy shop up and running once again. I am making lots of exciting new items and will start to list them in my shop now. I've reopened and am looking forward to lots of wonderful sales! I've missed the Etsy community, especialy the lovely EST guys, so I look forward to getting back in the "loop" :)


  1. Great, welcome back Naomi!
    Vincent is way so cute!

  2. Oh that really looks,
    like you all had Fun!!!