Sunday, 2 May 2010

I love to trade!!

I have been so very lucky lately to be involved in three wonderful trades :-D

First, I swapped with Ingermaaike for these fabulous goodies...

A Floral Canvas Belt, made for the EST weekly challenge hosted by BHBKidstyle
which looks fabulous with jeans or a skirt, and has the most amazing textures!
A beautifully soft felted deep red/purple scarf which I ADORE...

...and a lovely Baltic seaglass felted candle holder, which currently lives in pride of place on my mantelpiece :)
I also traded with the lovely "Flori" of florigamigirl who very kindly agreed to make me my very own custom bag from upcycled felt and other materials. I was just thrilled with the result, and I use my fabulous handbag all the time! She even threw in one of her super sweet felt flower brooches in colours that perfectly match my bag :D
Flori has since started making loads of gorgeous bags in some lovely materials, you can find them in her Etsy shop here. Thanks Flori my sweet new friend!
And my final little parcel of delightful swap goodies came from Sebnem of Shebbodesign who turned out to be my surprise spring swap partner! She sent me this fabulous "traditional Turkish Iznik pottery galleon motif hand painted plate" !!
AND a beautiful cardigan for my little rascal, Vincent. Here he is looking very angellic in it! (Don't let that fool you! Hehehe)
Am I lucky or what?! :-))))))) Thank you so much, my lovely friends! xxxx


  1. Hi Omnia,
    It was a very great pleasure to swap with you!
    My wire man has pride of place on my bookshelf and I LOVE my silver wire tree. My dangly earrings look great in their new home! so much so, I might just have to visit some other Etsy friends to buy some more!!

  2. You are lucky indeed !! Dontcha love the money-free economy :)

    And Vincent is so very cute :)

  3. Brilliant! Vincent looks so sweet.

  4. :D I do SO love the money-free economy, baa! Many people I've spoken to about it agree that it's the future ;) So very exciting!

    And yes, Vince does take a good picture, I am very lucky... But he sure can be a litle rascal sometimes! hehehe

    Flori, did you upload photos to Flickr of our swap? :D I'd love to see! *rushes off to check*


  5. Oh, Omnia! You are obviously a good businesswoman! :) You´ve received gorgeous stuff!

    And Vincent is so sweet! I want to bite into his apple like chubby cheeks!

  6. I am so happy we traded! Trades are such fun :-D

  7. Ooohh such cute stuff!
    Lucky girl :)