Thursday, 1 April 2010

"The Voices"

I finished my latest piece tonight; another black iron wire sculpture that I have entitled "The Voices" (with a little input from my darling husband!!)

As long as Kathryn is happy with him, he will be going to the gallery in Bodmin (I'll have to make another some time for Etsy!!)

I have to admit, when he was only part-finished, I had a moment of panic when I thought he wasn't going to be at all what I had envisaged!! But I kept the faith, and once he was finished and posed I was more than thrilled with the outcome!

I'm going to make several more of a similar style, in different sizes and poses, perhaps some in silver as well as black. I'd love to know your opinions, dear readers! Don't be afraid to comment :)



  1. It looks great! I think it can be a good idea to make them in silver color too.

  2. Yes, silver color would be great!!

  3. oh....I think the black makes it even more powerful. Just my opinion! It's strong stuff!

  4. Actually I agree Flori: I think maybe the silver ones will be more "thoughtful" and less "moody" if you know what I mean? I'm going to try making some guys in silver tomorrow, I'll upload pics when they're done :)

  5. He is great Naomi, he is so powerfully expressive. I agree with the darker colours, a dirty antiqued bronzy look might work too?