Wednesday, 31 March 2010

My wire sculpture will be featured in a real life gallery!

~ Sinister Hand ~

Well, I thought this news made the perfect excuse for my first proper blog post! I was contacted on Etsy yesterday by a lady (artist!) called Kathryn Crocker.

~ Kathryn at work ~

She lives in Cornwall with her partner Nathan (also an artist!) and children, and is opening a new "alternative art" gallery in Bodmin next month. They will be displaying their own work and that of a few select artists, and my "Sinister Hand" and other wire sculptures caught Kathryn's eye on Etsy, and she has asked whether I would like to display and sell some of my work there!

~ Dead Tree ~

I am really looking forward to meeting Kathryn next week, and am working on some new wire sculpture pieces that should fit well with the theme she is looking to create in her gallery.

~ Nathan Crocker's Digital Artwork: "The Dark" ~

Kathryn says she has had an "overwhelmingly positive response to the idea of an 'alternative art' gallery" and although the gallery will be small in size, she has high hopes of it becoming the leader in Cornwall for alternative arts. After doing a little research on Kathryn, I think my heart was really won by her own amazing artwork, and this beautiful painting certainly fits with my and my partner's passion for sci-fi:

I am very excited that some of my wire sculpture will be displayed and sold alongside such fabulous work!

There is a lauch party for the gallery on April 24th with local press in attendance, and I am hoping to be able to attend myself. Here's hoping that this is the start of big things for Kathryn and her family, and also for little old Omnia of course ;)

You can find out more about Kathryn, as well as view and buy her and her husband's amazing paintings and digital art on their website:


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